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Father's Day Prostate Health

For many years, men’s health problems have received less attention than the health concerns of women, and men are traditionally less likely to use health services, even though they are at greater risk of many health problems than women. With Father's Day on Sunday, it is a reminder for all men to prioritise their health and improve their diet and lifestyle.

At a time when the evidence supporting the health benefits of fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids is at an all time high, it certainly comes as a surprise to some to be confronted with a new study that suggests fish oils increase prostate cancer risk. A recent study that gained widespread media attention "Plasma Phospholipid Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer Risk in the SELECT Trial" published online in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute cast doubt on Omega 3 consumption ( fish oils) in men, suggesting that it increased the risk of prostate cancer. However this trial has since been denounced due to a number of methodological flaws and has mislead the public.

Firstly, the study was not devised to test Omega 3 intake, so there was no record of dietry fish intake or fish oil supplementation in the study group. There were a number of sampling errors including measurement of phospholipids levels in plasma samples rather than red blood cell samples which is not an accurate measure of Omega 3 consumption. Finally, researchers based their conclusion on insignificant differences. As noted by the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega 3 (GOED), " If the findings were true, then prostate cancer would be rampant in any country with high seafood consumption. ( Scandinavia, Japan, etc.) This is not the case." Males in Japan, while having some of the highest levels of Omega 3 in the world, also have some of the lowest rates of prostate cancer. Omega 3 fish oil is among the most well researched nutritional supplements with over 10 000 studies showing that it is beneficial for health. I regularly see the benefits of fish oil consumption in my patients' health, although it is essential to take a good quality supplement that has been screened for heavy metal contamination.

Some easy steps you can take to improve your diet and health include:
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. Beer contains oestrogen-like and prolactin-like molecules from the herb, hops, from which it is made. Hence, the irony of men thinking they are being very masculine by drinking beer, whereas they are actually becoming more feminine! 
  • Increase antioxidant foods such as blueberries, spinach, beetroot, pomegranate. All colourful fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that protect the prostate from damage and swelling. Make sure you eat a salad of dark green leafy and colourful vegetables every day. 
  • Eat lots of anti-inflammatory foods such as sardines, trout, blue-eyed cod, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and ground flaxseeds.
  • A fat-soluble antioxidant specifically found in the prostate is lycopene which is highly concentrated in tomatoes. Tomatoes yield more lycopene if cooked and are best eaten with oil to help absorb this fat-soluble antioxidant. Examples of such foods are tomato soup, grilled tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and basil, or tomato paste.
  • Try a healthy drink of freshly squeezed carrot and beetroot juice, green tea or a whole juiced orange daily.
  • Regular moderate exercise with stretching or yoga is essential to increase the circulation through the pelvis and for stress management. 
  • The joy of sex. Excessive ejaculation causes a deficiency of zinc due to loss via the sperm, while a total lack of ejaculation causes accumulation of testosterone in the prostate. It is all about moderation!
  • For smokers, quit smoking because the cadmium in cigarettes displaces zinc, causing zinc deficiency which is implicated in prostate cancer. Smoking is also toxic not only to the lungs, but has been shown to contribute to prostate enlargement ( BPH) and prostate cancer. 
  • Avoid radiation from mobile phones by not wearing one on the hip or belt, right at the level of the prostate/testes. Mobile phone radiation has been found to specifically affect the hormonal glands.
There are many herbal and nutritional treatments for the prostate including Saw palmetto, zinc and selenium that are frequently prescribed by urologists in France and Germany. I urge all men to come in for a health check up and keep their prostate in good nick!

By Claudette Wadsworth
BHSc, BA, Adv DN, Nut D, DRM, PostGrad NFM, MATMS, MNHAA

Naturopath, Nutritionist, specialist in Women's Health and Fertility
Bondi Junction 02 9389 3689 and Sydney CBD 02 9268 9000

How Safe Is Your Mobile Phone?

Radiation exposure is becoming more widespread and difficult to avoid, but do we know the long term effects? Non-ionising radiation, such as from computers and mobile phones, is less toxic but more prevalent and exposures to sources  is often over an extended period of time. Apple and Blackberry warn users to keep their mobile phones nearly an inch away from their bodies due to the radiation exposure. Studies have shown that you can absorb 48-68% of the radiation into your body and head from your mobile device.

There is increasing evidence of cell DNA damage and chromosomal abnormalities which adversely affects reproductive eggs, sperm and embryos. Research has also shown radiation to be strongly implicated in hormonal disorders via disruption of the pituitary gland. Women who use mobile phones when pregnant are more likely to give birth to children with behavioural problems (Journal of Epidemiology, July 2008). In May 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified cell phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. It recommended that “Consumers should consider ways of reducing their exposure.” The governments of the U.K., Finland, India, and France have adopted a precautionary principle regarding exposure to cell phone radiation. Israel is also proposing legislation that would require cell phones to carry a label stating “Warning: the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.”

Radiation Reduction Tips:
* Use your mobile as little as possible. If you know you have to make a long phone call, try and use a land line. Otherwise use your mobile is best used on speaker phone.
* Switch your mobile off at night while sleeping, as it still attracts and emits radiation even when you are not making a call, especially if you have a smart phone and are receiving emails.
* Avoid using your mobile in the car or other metal framed structure as the metal becomes a conductor of the radiation, amplifying it. If you must use it in the car for occupational reasons, a car kit can be fitted with an external aerial or bluetooth.
* When switched on, keep it away from your (lower) body, at least 1 metre. Although there are health concerns for all parts of your body, your eggs, sperm and embryo are particularly vulnerable as this is where cell turnover is greatest. Radiation has been strongly implicated in fertility problems, especially sperm of men who constantly carry their mobile phone in their pocket and women with a mobile in their handbag. It is better carried in a top pocket or I carry a Raditech Goyster to neutralize the radiation. This is a small 10 cm disk which is available from Alternatively place your mobile phone on the other side of the room when working at a desk.
* I use and recommend the smart phone covers by Pong Research. It is a company that produces Iphone, smart phone and Ipad covers that reduce radiation exposure without reducing signal strength:
* The use of hands-free kit/ear-piece is controversial as some studies seem to show they may actually increase exposure.

* Turn off the computer & monitor when not in use, ie. do not leave running as still producing radiation in that room. The more modern the monitor is, the lower the radiation. Laptops emit less radiation from their screens but emit higher levels of electric fields from the keyboard. Therefore laptops should not be placed on the lap itself as this places the electric fields too close to the reproductive system. Running the computer on battery minimizes EMFs as opposed to electricity.
* Sit and move away from the monitor whenever possible (at least 2 metres). Remember radiation is emitted from the back and sides of your monitor and other workers’ monitors.
* Fix a radiation protection screen to the front of your monitor. It is not the same as an anti-glare screen. These do not prevent 100% of the radiation from escaping and there is usually leakage around the edges. The more expensive screens are more effective.
* Epsom salts absorb radiation and as they do so, the crystals break down. Fill a small cushion cover or half an empty pillowcase and lay it on the desk or on your lap. When the crystals have broken down to a powder, they need to be replaced. Epsom salt baths or swimming in the sea can help to detoxify regular exposure.
* Green leafy plants, especially peace lilies and sunflowers, and cacti absorb radiation: have one on the desk or grow in the immediate vicinity of the computer.
* There are various devices available that protect against radiation. These include a small portable device to be carried in your bag or an appliance placed simply in your house/office/car by Raditech UK. More information: (Australian distributor – ph. 07 5441 3818) or
* Take breaks: nature, plants, sunshine, ocean all absorb and help clear radiation from you.
* Place some lead between yourself and the monitor, especially between the anti-radiation screen and your lower body, as radiation cannot penetrate through lead. The easiest way to achieve this (and the lightest) is to buy some of the lead-impregnated vinyl that is used as wall cladding in dental and other x-ray situations. It is available from dental suppliers by the metre or as a ready-made apron and is contained in a material cover as with epsom salts. For information and catalogue, contact Roland Pty Ltd, Ph: 07 55962 844 or
* Take homeopathic, nutritional and herbal remedies to counter the effects – ask me to include these in your treatment plan.

Electromagnetic Radiation
* Consider moving if you live (or work) near a transmitter, electricity substation or major power lines.
* Move your bed away from a fuse box, even if it is on the other side of the wall. Check the outside wall that there is not an electric hot water heater or air conditioning unit.
* Make sure your (or next door’s) TV, refrigerator, stereo (or other electrical appliance) is not on the other side of the wall from your bed. Sit at least 2 metres from the television. Keep the lid closed when photocopying.
* Turn off all electrical appliances at the main wall power switch when not in use: do not leave on standby/pilot light as this still draws current, emits some electromagnetic radiation, and the circuits in the bedroom walls will still be active. Particularly in your bedroom, inactivate all electrical appliances while you sleep. This will give at least 6-8 hours out of 24 away from this type of pollution.
* Replace your clock radio with a battery clock. These actually emit surprising high levels of radiation and draw current through the bedroom walls.
* Make sure all electric blankets and water beds are turned off at the power point while you sleep. These circuits are very close to your body and have been shown to cause miscarriage & fertility problems
* Make sure your bed does not have a metal frame, as this can pick up and conduct radiation. Wooden beds are better.
* Switch off wireless technology at night as it is still attracting and emitting signals
* Install a Circuit Disconnection Switch which eliminates the need to switch off or unplug all the appliances in your bedroom, rooms behind and beside. Also recommended for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.
* Do not use a microwave oven. Official recommendations are to leave the room when operating but food that is radiated has the proteins denatured so are unable to be digested properly and utilized by the body. Do not microwave baby’s bottles!!
* An Ioniser creates negative ions which have beneficial health effects like the sea or nature. Place near the window to circulate healthy air or on either side of your bed.
* Electromagnetic home survey: investigates high levels f radiation and provides specific recommendations for correction or minimization. Environmental Health Analysis: 02 9953 4911.


Igniting The Creative Fire

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day this Thursday or trying to ignore it, it is really a reminder to celebrate the greatest love of all - loving yourself. When we give ourselves time each week to do something that we love or we're passionate about, it is a way of giving back to ourselves as well as letting go of the daily stressors and putting the zest and passion back into our lives. Even if it's only for an hour on a weekend, it allows you to let go of your tension and the mundane and gives us a sense of empowerment, bringing the joy and fun back in. Last week I started dancing classes again which I haven't done for 6 years. Of course I was rather clunky and uncoordinated at first but by the end of the class I had the biggest smile on my face and was dancing on air.

The one thing scientifically proven to make 2013 your best year yet? Boost your creativity. As quoted by Red Day Coaching researchers sent 56 subjects out on a four day wilderness hiking trip without access to electronic devices or mobile phones. Upon their return, the hikers took tests to measure their creativity. The control group that hadn't been in the bush, scored 4.14 out of 10. The hiking group scored 6.08, a staggering 50% more creativity! The researchers said that this creativity boost was probably due to being in nature as well as taking a break from the stressors of work and technology. Next time you get stuck on a problem or can't concentrate, turn your mobile off and take a walk in nature or get lost in your own creative juices - leaving all technology behind!

Often in our busy, modern world it is easy to forget to incorporate the creative juice into our lives as we are tuned 24/7 into our emails and Facebook, crippling our free time which we need to explore our imagination and let our spirits fly. We've forgotten what it is to ponder and daydream, imagine and create new possibilities but we need to remember that without creativity, there is no life. Fertility is the ultimate act of creativity and whether we are using it for this or not, it is still vital that we express our creative energy in other ways. There are many ways to express creativity such as art, singing, dancing, cooking, writing, woodwork, gardening, photography, graphic art, poetry, sex and sensuality. The other benefit is that it allows you to let go of all your worries and be present with what you love. You can't think about the past or the future while you are in the midst of your creative act.

For women, our creative expression is reflected in our hormones as the function of our hormones is to create life. According to Christiane Northrup reknowned gynaecologist in USA who wrote the book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, hormonal imbalances are often reflected in whether a woman is honouring her own emotional needs and creative expression. So if your creative energy is stifled or you are having period problems, then there may be an area of your life which also feels blocked. Look at where you're not expressing and using your creative energy and power in your life.

Ask yourself the following questions:
- How am I expressing my creativity in my life? What does creativity mean to me?
- What brings me alive? What am I passionate about?
- As a child, what did I love doing that I may have now forgotten?
- What are my emotional needs and do I express these?
- Do I believe that I have the power to change the conditions of my life?
- What am I most grateful for in my life right now?

Creativity is about putting the fun and play back into life. It doesn't have to take loads of time or money to have fun. So let your creative fire ignite by celebrating what you love in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Finally, Proof that Cancer is a Man-Made Disease

A study of ancient bodies has determined that cancer is a man-made disease, one fueled by the excesses. Tumors turn out to be extremely rare until very recent times, when pollution and poor diet became issues.

Despite examining tissue from hundreds of Egyptian mummies, researchers confirmed only one case of cancer.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Dismissing the argument that the ancient Egyptians didn’t live long enough to develop cancer, the researchers pointed out that other age-related disease such as hardening of the arteries and brittle bones did occur…

Fossil evidence of cancer is also sparse, with scientific literature providing a few dozen, mostly disputed, examples in animal fossil.”

According to the latest statistics compiled by the American Heart Association, cancer surpasses heart disease as the top killer among Americans between the ages of 45 to 74. Environmental/lifestyle factors are increasingly being pinpointed as the culprits, such as:

  • Pesticide- and other chemical exposures
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Processed & artificial foods (plus the chemicals in the packaging)
  • Wireless technologies, dirty electricity, and medical diagnostic radiation exposure
  • Obesity, stress, and poor sleeping habits
  • Lack of sunshine exposure and use of sunscreens

This is not an all-inclusive list, of course, but as the research into the health of our ancient ancestors shows, cancer is not a “natural” disease, and genetics are not a primary factor.

Source: Daily Mail (October 15, 2010), Cancer (September 1977; 40(3): 1358-1362)


New Warnings About the Hazards of Mobile Phones

Holding a cell phone against your ear, or putting it in your pocket, may be hazardous to your health. Apple says your iPhone should come no closer than 5/8 of an inch; BlackBerry recommends about an inch.

The longest study of mobile phone radiation has just been completed. It cost more than $30 million (funded in part by the mobile phone industry) to carry out, and involved nearly 50 scientists from 13 countries, along with more than 14,000 people.

Statistics show that, over all, there has not been a general increase in the incidence of brain cancer since cell phones arrived – but the average hides that fact that brain cancer has increased in the 20-to-29 age group while dropping for the older population.

According to the New York Times:

“The largest study of cell phone use and brain cancer has been the Interphone International Case Control Study… The authors included some disturbing data in an appendix available only online. These showed that subjects who used a cell phone 10 or more years doubled the risk of developing brain gliomas, a type of tumor.”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal investigates various methods of cutting down the radiation your mobile phone produces. However, they say the most effective one may be the simplest – keep the phone away from your head and body.

Source: New York Times (November 13, 2010), Wall Street Journal (October 5, 2010)


Pet Chip Implicated in Cancer

Pharmaceutical giant Merck is being sued over claims that its HomeAgain pet microchip caused cancer in a cat. Two years after the chip was implanted, the cat developed a cancerous tumor at the implant site. The tumor was removed surgically, and the microchip was found embedded in the tumor.

In 2007, Dr. Katherine Albrecht released an in-depth analysis of animal studies involving microchip implants & found a “clear causal link between microchip implants & cancer in mice & rats,” as well as an association with cancer in dogs.

The reason why this is an important issue is that many predict there will be a massive push by government authorities to microchip humans. Not only will this be a mistake for privacy reasons, but it appears that there are also serious health consequences.

Fortunately, our pets are serving as canaries for this health challenge & providing us with an early warning alert as to what would happen if we choose to get these microchips.


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