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Artifical Sweeteners More Dangerous Than You Ever Imagined

Nutrasweet & Equal are the brand names for Aspartame found in any "diet" product & is 180 times as sweet as sugar. Documented side effects include migraines, convulsions & seizures, mood disorders, skin rash & hives, insomnia, abdominal cramps & pain, nausea, diarrhoea & vomiting, fatigue & muscle weakness, dizziness & poor equilibrium, joint pain, hallucintaions, memory loss, changes in heart rate, depression, vision changes, neuropsychiatric disorders, epilepsy, cancerous cell changes as well as increased risk of brain & spinal cord cancer in babies whose mothers consumed aspartame during pregnancy or breastfeeding. To read more, National Cancer Institute SEER Program Data, Jellinger, K.E. et al. “Primary Central Nervous System Lymphomas: An Update” J Nat Cancer Inst 84 (1992): 414-422; Gurney, J.G., Pogoda, J.M., and Holly, E.A. “Aspartame Consumption in Relation to Childhood Brain Tumor Risk: Results from a Case-Control Study” Natl Cancer Inst 89 (1997): 1072-1074

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