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Orange Juice Scam

One of the great scams of the industrial food cartel is the so-called "fresh" orange juice sold in supermarkets. Some reality checks:
  1. There is more vitamin c in a single orange than in a full glass of bottled orange juice.
  2. Bottled juices have been pasteurised so that it is exposed to high temperatures which destroy any vitamin C, leaving a sugary drink that is high glycaemic.
  3. Truly fresh orange juice only lasts a few days. Bottled orange juice contains preservatives so that it lasts for weeks (or months), that are synthetic chemicals & difficult for your liver to break down & to which people often have allergies to eg. 220.
  4. Until orange growers launched a campaign in the early 20th century to deal with their surplus crop, people did not drink orange juice regularly. There is nothing particularly healthy or natural about drinking orange juice.

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