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The Dangers of Antiperspirant Deodorants

Sweating is your body’s mechanism to cool down. Sweat has no odor; the familiar unpleasant odor is caused by bacteria that live on our skin. These bacteria metabolize the proteins and fatty acids from our sweat, causing body odor. Deodorants deal with the smell by neutralizing it and by killing the bacteria that metabolize the proteins and fatty acids. Antiperspirants on the other hand, try to prevent sweating by blocking the pores using aluminum. Without sweat, the bacteria cannot metabolize proteins and fatty acids that cause body odor. However, Aluminium is absorbed by the skin and is a well-known toxic heavy metal or neurotoxin. These antiperspirants were only invented in the last 50 years which corresponds with the dramatic increase in breast cancer. Obviously this is not the only cause of breast cancer but could well be a major contributing factor as it is usually women who shave or wax their armpits, exposing themselves to increased aluminium absorption. To read more,

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