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Surprising Danger of Fying Through Clouds

Passengers on planes flying near or through lightning storms could be exposed to harmful levels of radiation. Lightning discharges can jolt airline passengers with a level of radiation equivalent to 400 chest X-rays. One study published in The Lancet found higher rates of certain cancers eg. skin cancer & breast cancer among pilots & crew members. The study’s authors theorized that the increased cancer risk was due to chromosome damage caused by excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. It was also shown that flight attendants who work an average of 16 weeks during pregnancy have nearly double the rate of miscarriage as their nonworking counterparts. So protect yourself if flying a lot by eating healthy food full of salads, vegetables and fruit (take your own food rather than airline food), take antioxidants especially resversatol found in fruit skins or Poly C powder; avoid other x-rays unless an emergency; after your flight swim in salt water, bathe in epsom salts or spend time in nature to remove radiation.

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