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Cervical Cancer Vaccine Adverse Reactions: Gardasil

More serious adverse reactions are coming to light in young women vaccinated against cervical cancer with Gardasil, including multiple sclerosis conditions, nerve conduction problems, blood clotting conditions, limb tingling, numbness & loss of sensation, collapse, paralysis. tinnitus, cold sweats, etc. The vaccine protects against only 2 strains of the wart virus, HPV , although there are >100 strains of which at least 13 cause cancer. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "In 90% of cases, your body's immune system clears the HPV infection naturally within 2 years." This is true whether the infection is the type thta can cause cancer or warts. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, editorial said:"It is important to emphasise that the vaccine is supported by limited efficacy and safety data." With the rush to inject Australian girls with a drug of uncertain efficacy & safety, it is important to keep the risk of cervical cancer in perspective. A recent US study concluded that <0.25% of American women were at risk. There are other risk factors as well for cervical cancer: smoking, malnutrition, weak immune system, the Pill, multiple sex partners, sex without a condom. Perhaps it would be better to address these lifestyle changes than injecting with a vaccine of serious health risks. The only ones benefiting from this rush for a mass immunisation are the CSL shareholders.
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