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The Importance Of Iodine

According to Professor Creswell Eastman at Westmead Hospital, most people in Australia are iodine deficient. Unfortunately, just replacing salt with iodised salt will not meet the optimum daily intake levels for the average adult & certainly not for pregnant women. The most reliable source of iodine outside of supplements comes from consumption of oysters, seaweed & salt water fish. Use dried seaweed such as seaweed sprinkles available from health food stores or nori, toasted in sheets in the oven & crumbled into salads - the salty flavour is great with potatoes, noodles and seafood bisques or paella. When seeking out ocean fish, avoid bluefin tuna and opt for leatherjacket or ocean jacket, mackerel, sardines. 3 serves of seafood and seaweed/wk is sufficient. To read more,

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