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Research Highlights More Mobile Phone Dangers

Recent research has finally proven that using a cell phone for 10/> years doubles the risk of a brain tumor on the same side of the head as that preferred for cell phone use. There were also findings of:

  • A nearly 300% increase in the incidence of genetic damage when human blood cells were exposed to radiation in the cellular frequency band

  • A 60% greater chance of acoustic neuromas, a tumor affecting the nerve that controls hearing, among people who had used cell phones for 6 years/>

  • A higher rate of brain cancer deaths among handheld mobile phone users than among car phone users (car phones are mounted on the dashboard rather than held next to your head)

  • Animals exposed to mobile phone waves suffered breakage of DNA strands– the type of genetic alterations that can lead to cancer, cell death and mutagenic problems.

To read more, Reuters September 14, 2009 ABC News September 14, 2009

Surgical Neurology September 2009;72(3):205-14

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