Claudette's Specialties: Female and Male Hormonal Imbalances, PMS, Period Pain, Fibroids, Polycystic Ovaries/Syndrome, Endometriosis, Menopause, Prostate Problems, Low Libido, Natural Fertility Management: Contraception, Overcoming Infertility Problems (females and males), Preconception Care, Sex Selection, IVF support, Pregnancy Care: Pregnancy nutrition and remedies, Miscarriage support, Birth preparation, Doula: Childbirth support, Post-natal care for mother and child.

Do You Eat This Frozen Fish called Pangas?

White Catfish, Vietnamese River Cobbler, Pangasius or Gray Sole is industrially farmed in Vietnam on the Mekong River which is one of the most polluted rivers on the planet due to industries along the river dumping chemicals and industrial waste directly into it. Upon testing, these fish have extroadinarily high levels of toxic and hazardous heavy metals, pollutants, bacteria, PCBs, etc. The fisheries are completely unregulated with the female fish injected with hormones to exponentially increase growth and fertility laying up to 500 000 eggs. The river water itself is extremely toxic in which the fish are frozen. Pangas is now used in frozen fish /crab sticks, fish terrines, some pet foods.

GE Foods Take Their Toll

Fosters beers have warned that they now may contain GE products which includes Carlton, VB, Crown, Harp, Cascade and Corona from imported GE corn. Email Fosters at: to let them know your opinion.

Canada’s flax trade with Europe has come to a grinding halt, as officials try to sort out why an illegal GE flax variety, called CDC Triffid, is showing up in food products.

Australia’s canola exports are likely to be significantly impacted by the change of government in Japan. The Democratic Party of Japan has pledged to implement stringent GE labelling laws which will exclude Australian canola.

Deet Insect Repellent Toxic to Nervous System

Scientists have expressed safety concerns about insect repellents that contain Deet after observing the chemical's toxic effects in mammals.To read more,

Stressed Parents Increase Asthma Risk

Researchers have found that children of tense parents who lived in polluted areas were far more likely to have asthma than friends in the same neighbourhood. Also, it has already been shown that women who are stressed in pregnany raise the risk of their child developing asthma or other allergies. To read more,

Margarine Linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Experts believe a high intake of polyunsaturated oils like margarine which have been heat treated may be implicated in a third of ulcerative colitis cases. However, a high intake of omega 3 fatty acid found in oily fish such as salmon and herring, reduced the likelihood of developing ulcerative colitis by 77%. To read more,

A Kidney Stone's No 1 Enemy

The single most effective way to prevent and treat kidney stones is to drink enough water. The number one risk factor for kidney stones is dehydration, as it prevents your urine from dissolving minerals and acid salts. Check this by looking at the colour of your urine: ideally it should be a light yellow; if it's dark yellow or even orange, you need to drink more water!


Exercise Fights Fatty Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common form of chronic liver disease in developed countries. It is associated with obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, and is characterized by elevated liver enzymes. Increasing physical activity leads to health benefits that are independent of changes in weight. To read more,

Doula Testimonial

Having experienced a Doula for the birth of our second child, we employed Claudette as a Doula for the birth of our third child and she far exceeded our expectations. Claudette brought a wealth of practical knowledge, along with incredible emotional and physical support throughout the whole process. Her knowledge of women's health needs and how best to support those needs through pregnancy and birth and beyond was a wonderful addition to her natural calm, kind and compassionate nature. Claudette was available yet never intrusive. We feel very fortunate to have had Claudette help us bring our little Charlie into the world as naturally and calmly as possible. Thank you Claudette!
Judith Hocking & Masahiro Takatsuka, Marrickville, Sydney


4 years ago Claudette gently encouraged me to shift my priorities so that I have completely changed my diet and lifestyle and have never been happier. Claudette arms her clients with the knowledge they need to help themselves, giving them information of areas to further their understanding of what may be affecting them.
Thanks Claudette for all your help.
Louisa Curtis, UK

Is Milk the Best Source of Calcium?

A recent study claims that young adults are not drinking enough milk, media reports alleged. But according to the study’s lead author Nicole Larson, the focus on the study was on calcium, not milk. The words "milk" and "calcium" are often used interchangeably in the press. However, yogurt has more calcium than milk and is easier to digest. Collards and other greens also have about as much or more calcium than milk by the cup. Greens, unlike milk, have the added benefit of vitamin K, also necessary for strong bones. Sesame eg. tahini is also very high in calcium.To read more,

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