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Obesity: an Abnormal Adaptive Winter Response Triggered by Low Vitamin D?

A fall in Vitamin D has been shown in studies thta it may be the stimulus for the winter response of accumulation of fat mass. Thererfore it may be possible to reverse the increasing prevalence of obesity by improving vitamin D status. Foss YJ, Med Hypotheses 2009 Mar;72(3):314-321.

Low Vitamin D Levels in Blood Correlate with Asthma Severity in Children

Research has shown that vitamin D deficiency in children aged 6-14 years of age is associated with increased markers of allergy and asthma. If you have children with asthma or allergies, get a blood test done with your doctor: need >80. Brehm JM et al, Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2009 May 1;179(9):765-771.

Expectant Mums Reduce Infant Allergy With Fish Oils

Research has shown that Omega 3 supplementation in pregnancy & lactation can decrease the risk of food allergy and IgE-associated eczema during the 1st year of life in infants with a family history of allergic disease. Furuhjelm C et al Acta Paediatr 2009 Sep;98(9):1461-1467.

Swine Flu Vaccine in Sweden

Yesterday Sweden started releasing the Swine Flu vaccine and has already had 190 people experiencing such severe side effects that the needed hospitalisation. As usual, this is most likely only the tip of a rather large iceberg. Also 1 person has died after the vaccine injection but authorities are denying any “direct relation with the injection” as yet. The biggest medical scandal in the history of Sweden has just started. What about the rest of the world? Safety requirements for vaccine development and testing procedures before release to the public have been reduced to speed up the vaccine into public use, with much higher levels of mercury allowed than normal vaccines.

What You Didn't Know About Fiji Water

Fiji's military junta has been declared unconstitutional by the country's second highest court; in response, it has abolished the judiciary, banned unauthorized public gatherings, delayed elections until 2014, and clamped down on the media.

The slogan on Fiji Water's website -- "And remember this, we saved you a trip to Fiji" -- seems like a dark joke to those who are aware of the conditions there. Fiji Water is now America's leading imported water. The company has spent millions pushing its environmental credibility and charity work.

But nowhere in Fiji Water's glossy marketing materials will you find reference to the typhoid outbreaks that plague Fijians because of the island's faulty water supplies, the corporate entities that Fiji Water has set up in tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg, or the fact that its signature bottle is made from Chinese plastic in a diesel-fueled plant and hauled thousands of miles. And, of course, you won't find mention of the military junta for which Fiji Water is a major source of global recognition and legitimacy. To read more,


Daily Sweets & Chocolate in Childhood Linked to Violence in Adulthood

Research shows children who eat sweets and chocolate every day are more likely to be violent as adults. To read more, BBC News September 30, 2009

10 Best Pollution Filter Houseplants

Houseplants have been shown to filter indoor air by removing toxins and particles. Tests done by NASA showed markedly better air quality and they may also offer some protection against electromagnetic radiation. The top 10 plants include the Feston Rose plant, Devil’s Ivy, Phalaenopsis, English Ivy, Parlor Ivy, African Violets, Christmas Cactus, Yellow Goddess, Garlic Vine, Peace Lily. To read more, The New Ecologist July 2009

Is Your Beauty Routine Causing Long-Term Health Damage?

Do you enjoy a shampoo with a rich lather? A shaving cream that really foams? Relaxing in a tub full of bubbles? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Myreth Sulfate produce a lot of foam very inexpensively. But SLS is so strong that it's also used to scrub garage floors. Studies show it stays in the body for up to five days, it easily penetrates the skin and enters and maintains residual levels in the heart, liver, the lungs, and the brain and is another chemical associated with cancer long-term. Use SLS-free products or the old bar soap. To read more, Organic Consumers Association October 1, 2009
U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, November 10, 1997

Chia Seeds: New Superfood

Chia seeds have been consumed by Native Americans, Mayans & Aztecs but are now grown in Western Australia & are widely available in health food stores. They are very high in Omega 3 oils, approx. 20% protein (complete with all amino acids), B vitamins, calcium & other minerals, antioxidants. They absorb more than 9x their weight in water, forming a gel which slows down their digestion & thus, are low glycaemic, lower cholesterol & high in soluble fibre so good for constipation as well as preventing colon cancer. You only need 1tsp-1Tb/day added to cereal, porridge, smoothies, yoghurt, juices or gel once soaked in glass of water for 1/2 hr can be added to sauces as thickener.

Anti-Depressants SSRI in Pregnancy Damages Foetus

New study confirms earlier reports of doubling of risk for septal heart defects in newborn babies after early exposure in pregnancy to SSRI anti-depressants, especially in the 1st trimester. To read more, Pedersen LH et al. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pregnancy and congenital malformations: Population based cohort study. BMJ 2009 Sep 23; 339:b3569. (; Chambers C. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and congenital malformations. BMJ 2009 Sep 23; 339:b3525. (

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