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Mammograms now at 50, not 40 in USA

Most women should start regular breast cancer screening at age 50, not 40, according to new guidelines released Monday. The new recommendations reverse longstanding guidelines and are aimed at reducing harm from radiation overtreatment. It also says women age 50 to 74 should have mammograms less frequently -- every 2 years, rather than every year. To read more,


Kelloggs & Uncle Tobys Cereals Full of Sugar

New research confirms what consumers have long known -- most breakfast cereals advertised to children are full of sugar. Cereals marketed to kids have 85 percent more sugar, 65 percent less fiber and 60 percent more sodium than those aimed at adults. In fact, the least nutritious cereals are often the most heavily marketed to children with leading brands like Kelloggs and Uncle Tobys topping the list. Avoid any cereal made by these global brands where qualityof food and health are certainly not a priority. Interesting to note, even Special K came up on the top 10 worst cereals list!
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Teflon Cookware Toxicity

Clearly the most popular choice in cookware and bakeware today is Teflon™ and other nonstick pans. But Teflon is made from perfluorooctanoic acid(PFOA), a synthetic chemical which has been shown in research to cause toxic changes to many of your body's organs & stimulate tumor growth. Toxic fumes from Teflon™ release into the air at relatively low cooking temperatures, adding yet another entry point of this dangerous chemical into your body. All gourmet cooks & chefs know this & certainly do not use it. It is best to use Stainless steel, glass cookware or ceramic. Avoid cast iron & aluminium due to heavy metal toxicity leeching into your food as well.


Orange Juice Scam

One of the great scams of the industrial food cartel is the so-called "fresh" orange juice sold in supermarkets. Some reality checks:
  1. There is more vitamin c in a single orange than in a full glass of bottled orange juice.
  2. Bottled juices have been pasteurised so that it is exposed to high temperatures which destroy any vitamin C, leaving a sugary drink that is high glycaemic.
  3. Truly fresh orange juice only lasts a few days. Bottled orange juice contains preservatives so that it lasts for weeks (or months), that are synthetic chemicals & difficult for your liver to break down & to which people often have allergies to eg. 220.
  4. Until orange growers launched a campaign in the early 20th century to deal with their surplus crop, people did not drink orange juice regularly. There is nothing particularly healthy or natural about drinking orange juice.

Low Vitamin D Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

The results of studies indicate that sufficient endogenous vitamin D levels may have a protective function on mammary cells, reducing breast cancer risk. When vitamin D levels are reduced for a long period, the mammary cell physiology may be altered including local 1,25(OH)2D synthesis & the regulation of growth factors and other hormones. Perez-Lopez et al, Reprod Sci 2009 Jan; 16(1): 7-19.

People on Cholesterol-Lowering Medication with Muscle Pain Are Deficient in Vitamin D

Patients with statin-induced muscle pain had lower blood levels of vitamin D and the muscle pain was reversed by vitamin D supplementation to correct a deficiency. Ahmed W et al, Transl Res 2009 Jan; 153(1):11-16.

Obesity: an Abnormal Adaptive Winter Response Triggered by Low Vitamin D?

A fall in Vitamin D has been shown in studies thta it may be the stimulus for the winter response of accumulation of fat mass. Thererfore it may be possible to reverse the increasing prevalence of obesity by improving vitamin D status. Foss YJ, Med Hypotheses 2009 Mar;72(3):314-321.

Low Vitamin D Levels in Blood Correlate with Asthma Severity in Children

Research has shown that vitamin D deficiency in children aged 6-14 years of age is associated with increased markers of allergy and asthma. If you have children with asthma or allergies, get a blood test done with your doctor: need >80. Brehm JM et al, Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2009 May 1;179(9):765-771.

Expectant Mums Reduce Infant Allergy With Fish Oils

Research has shown that Omega 3 supplementation in pregnancy & lactation can decrease the risk of food allergy and IgE-associated eczema during the 1st year of life in infants with a family history of allergic disease. Furuhjelm C et al Acta Paediatr 2009 Sep;98(9):1461-1467.

Swine Flu Vaccine in Sweden

Yesterday Sweden started releasing the Swine Flu vaccine and has already had 190 people experiencing such severe side effects that the needed hospitalisation. As usual, this is most likely only the tip of a rather large iceberg. Also 1 person has died after the vaccine injection but authorities are denying any “direct relation with the injection” as yet. The biggest medical scandal in the history of Sweden has just started. What about the rest of the world? Safety requirements for vaccine development and testing procedures before release to the public have been reduced to speed up the vaccine into public use, with much higher levels of mercury allowed than normal vaccines.

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