Natural Contraception

Natural Fertility Management is one of the safest and most empowering methods of avoiding conception presently available. The program teaches you to understand and work with your fertility cycles, by observing body signs of cervical mucus and basal body temperature combined with your personal lunar cycle. As many women ask, it is not the Rhythm or Billings methods which have quite low success rates, particularly during irregular cycles. It is the combination of 3 methods altogether: mucus, temperature and lunar to achieve a success rate of 99% when taught and used correctly.

It is worthwhile to do some research into all forms of contraception so as to make the best informed decision for you, as you will most likely be needing contraception for many decades in your life. It is important to consider the contraceptive effectiveness, health effects on your body, how they work, their usefulness in different situations, what is going to suit your needs and stage of life, long term effects. Useful resources include Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish (Sally Milner Publishing) and The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? By Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope (Allen & Unwin). The success rate of any form of contraception depends upon the quality of information provided to use it, your diligence of consistent use, your intention not to conceive and your choice of the most appropriate method for you.

Natural Fertility Management can be used by all women at any stage in their fertile life, from puberty through to menopause, even when cycles become irregular, such as coming off the Oral Contraceptive Pill, breast feeding and prior to menopause. If at any stage your needs change, you can adapt the methods to help you consciously conceive a healthy baby.
Sometimes contraception use can be undermined by any ambivalent feelings towards conceiving such as wanting children in the future, friends or family having babies, daydreaming about a "mistake", the emotional high of falling in love or simply getting caught up in the intensity of the moment! Therefore, it is essential to have a clear intention at the beginning of each cycle of not wanting to conceive for that upcoming cycle. It is best to reiterate this for yourself at every period so that you still have the choice to change this in the future but for this upcoming cycle, you have chosen not to conceive and to visualize your contraceptive method working successfully for you, just like you would in goal planning or visualizing a race. No method of contraception is 100% so it is important to acknowledge the interconnected relationship between sexuality and fertility in order to make conscious, informed and healthy choices for ourselves and our relationships.

These methods have been developed and refined by Francesca Naish since 1975. Since then she and her associates have assisted thousands of women and couples with their fertility management. Her methods are used by increasing numbers of health professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, USA and UK as well as being taught to over 1,000 NFM practitioners.

Regardless of your previous choice of contraception, the Natural Fertility Management contraception methods can be used by all women. If you have been taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill, Implanon or Depo-Provera, there will be a period of adjustment of about 3 months until your natural hormonal cycles return. During this time we use herbal medicines to help achieve your regular cycle and you will be learning how to use the methods and understand your body's fertility signals.

Contraception Program & Kit includes:

Two personal consultations for:
  • Instruction in identification of fertility at mid-cycle through observation of body symptoms & monthly cycle charts to record observations
  • Instruction in the use of the bio-rhythmic lunar cycle
  • Individual computer-calculated charts for lunar fertile times for the next 5 years
  • Instruction in how to combine these methods to tell when you need to abstain or use protection
  • Counselling of contraception techniques for use at fertile times
  • Book: Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish
  • Audio-cassette tape giving instructions in all aspects of charting and observations of fertility awareness
  • Comprehensive printed material
  • Relaxation and auto-suggestion tape for synchronized, healthy and regular hormonal cycles, confidence & motivation
  • Naturopathic treatment for regular cycles, menstrual, hormonal, reproductive and nutritional health
  • Current year moon calendar, fertility thermometer & time-zone calculator